copper water tank scrap value 2018


4/18/18 Scrap Price Report: Is Copper Stable for 2018? , Lower value copper items that have been a problem for the last 6 months seem to finally be getting sorted out and hopefully, will this solidify itself by the end of 2018. Copper wire scrap prices are trading around 20% lower from where they should be, because of this issue. Reported Non-Ferrous Prices 4/11 – 4/17 :

is it worth me selling off my old copper cylinder? - MyBuilder , copper is very valuable secondhand, currently clean cooper no joints etc on it is worth about £4 per Kg, and Brassierie copper with joints and the tank will come into this egory is worth about £2.75 per Kg. Depending on lo ion and amount of copper being removed it could be worth between £50 and £200.

Scrap value for hot water tank...? Singletrack Magazine ... , Sis in law has had new boiler today, plumber has taken the old copper tank away. Whats the scrap value of a cylinder ? ... The topic ‘Scrap value for hot water tank…?’ is closed to new replies.

Anyone scrapped a domestic copper hot water tank recently ... , No scrapped a tank, but have scrapped plenty of copper. Its worth around £1500/ton. But its only worth that if its ‘clean’ in the sense that anything not copper has been stripped off of it. You’ll...

Scrap value in copper cylinder? — MoneySavingExpert Forum , The scrappie is about right. Anything between £40 and £60. Although it& 39;s copper, it& 39;s contaminated copper ie its got other metals in it, plus limescale plus insulation. The price of copper has dropped quite a lot in recent weeks, so your plumber may be making his assump0tions on previous prices.

Whats this copper tank worth?? AVForums , Normal scrap copper prices are around £3.50 to £4 per KG last time I weighed in but to get this, the foam needs to be stripped. Well worth hacking the foam off if you do decide to scrap, its pretty quick. Don& 39;t sell it to some tinker though Go down to the scrappy yourself

What is scrap cost of copper tank? , Just a week ago over here, brazery copper was as much as £3.90 and cylinders for some reason were a tad less at £3.75 a kilo and pure copper clean pipe was £4.10 a kilo. A 36x18& 34; grade3 modern indirect is about 13 kilo at least, so that makes it worth £50 approx and if is an older heavy type you could be closer to £100.

Scrap Copper Tank - YouTube , A timelapse of me processing a copper tank for recycling. A copper tank is a beautiful thing, it’s such a shame to scrap them.

Average Price for Scrapping a Water Heater Listed - First ... , Copper Scrap Several parts of a water heater are made of copper, which is more valuable to scrap separately. Copper scrap prices at the time of writing are around $1.50 to $2.50 per pound, depending on the type of copper, which is notably higher than the light iron price. Components made of copper include:

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copper water tank scrap value 2018